Inclusion: An ‘alternative platform model’ for the COVID era

“The platform innovations which we observed emphasised values like openness, sharing, cooperation, and transparency. One illustration of this was Pflegesterne (Care Stars), which enables a network of health organisations to address together the shortage of nursing staff in care facilities and hospitals.” – Friederici, Meier & Aslan Gümüsay.

Change model at Pflegesterne: Organizational innovation and new business models

Assessing Estonia’s COVID-19 responses as an example of successful digitization

“This is What State Capacity Looks Like”

Following the development of the Apple-Google contact tracing app

There will be too many stories about the Google/Apple proximity tracing app to list/highlight them all. I’ll update this page from time to time (new items on top) as new developments emerge. If there is anything specifically future focused, like the promise to limit the API’s duration, I will consider a different post.