Inclusion: An ‘alternative platform model’ for the COVID era

“The platform innovations which we observed emphasised values like openness, sharing, cooperation, and transparency. One illustration of this was Pflegesterne (Care Stars), which enables a network of health organisations to address together the shortage of nursing staff in care facilities and hospitals.” – Friederici, Meier & Aslan Gümüsay.

Change model at Pflegesterne: Organizational innovation and new business models

Assessing Estonia’s COVID-19 responses as an example of successful digitization

“This is What State Capacity Looks Like”

Facebook links its (big) entry into e-commerce to the pandemic

The big platforms may have an even bigger role in retail and e-commerce, after COVID-19

Change model: Seeing an opportunity, or sensing good timing for a move they have been developing for a while, a big player enters new part of the market.

Making working from home a permanent condition

Is this a trend other firms in tech will follow? Will there be similar moves in other sectors? We saw the term “remote-first” used in an article this week. Like “mobile first”, there is likely to be some momentum in this direction for a while.

Open Society Foundations’ response takes the long view

“For many of us, the pandemic has underlined the challenges to our globalized world, and to the old ways of running our economies, posed by the existential threat of climate change. The current catastrophe also presents an opportunity—an opportunity to push for fundamental changes needed to build societies that are stronger and more resilient in addressing the challenges to come. I assure you that the Open Society Foundations will be an active participant in this search for a better world to emerge from the trauma of our present horror.”

Patrick Gaspard – Open Society Foundations

Mozilla COVID-19 Solutions Fund

The Mozilla Open Source Support (MOSS) awards program, created in 2015, broadens access, increases security, and empowers users by providing catalytic funding to open source technologists.”

“Mozilla is announcing today the creation of a COVID-19 Solutions Fund as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS). Through this fund, we will provide awards of up to $50,000 each to open source technology projects which are responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in some way.”

The change model implied by the organization’s action is that Open Source Software will continue to be an important part of the digital landscape, post-COVID-19, so it is important to encourage its use during the crisis.